About Me!

My name is Nichole Cooper and I am proudly from Birmingham, England’s second city. I have obtained a 2:1 degree in Fashion Marketing from the University of Northampton and I am just starting out on a career path to PR Professional.

I am inquisitive by nature fun loving and friendly. I love talking to people and hearing about different life styles both professionally and personally. I think we can learn a lot from other people and they way they live life.

I see my career as more of a journey rather than an end goal. I am trying not to be so rigid with my path and expectations of my self and concentrate more on enjoying the moment and taking advantage of every opportunity.

I believe in being fair and honest and want to carry this believe set with me through my journey. I don’t think the nice guy always finishes last, I do however think it is important to think smart and not let people walk all over you but that is not the same as being rude, offensive or in-polite.

I have worked with and under a variety of people in different positions and always admire those who have made it to seniority and remembered that being nice is still an important forgotten quality. Having been a manger myself I see no need talk down to people to assert my position I believe in leading by example and that your work ethic and results should shout so you need only whisper.

The world of fashion fascinates me and the way the business is ran even more so. The link between the creative madness of top designers and the team behind them that keep the business running smoothly seems to be an extraordinary balancing act.

I am more interested in style as opposed to fashion trends. I love how you can be so expressive with a simple outfit change which can reflect your entire mood of that day. I believe fashion is not something to be followed rigidly but more an inspiration to be incorporated into your own style.

My own fashion style is a mess of printed shirts, floral girly patterns, lots of lace and all black for those dreary winter days.

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