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Critical Me

I have come to accept that I am a critical being. I seem to analyse situations instinctively and come up with solutions or a better way of doing things. To my surprise…..not everyone wants to hear what I have to say! SHOCK HORROR!

I just believe that people can do better and I also feel the over whelming urge to tell them how and why. During my parents evening’s as a child I always received the same feed back ‘Nichole is a smart energetic child who talks wayyyyyyy to much and can not sit still, she soaks up everything like a sponge and has no problem explaining why she is in the right. She receives criticism well and will try and do better. (I am of course generalising all those years of parent-teacher chitter chat)

I have never had a major problem accepting criticism. If you think there is a way I could be doing something better I would like to know. At first hearing that I am doing something wrong it dose effect me, I think its more embarrassment than anything. I don’t like being wrong and go out of my way to ensure it doesn’t happen (very often at least). But after the initial shock or embarrassment i am interested as to how I can do something better.

I had previously assumed everyone was like this. Yes i know nobody wants to be told they are doing something badly, but once you are over this do you not want to improve? does the idea of growing and developing as a person not over ride your ego?

Apparently not. On more than a couple of occasions I have been met with negativity when trying to make suggestions on what I think would be an improvement. This is in terms of professional life and personal (Friends/Family/Love).

Well if you don’t want an honest though out opinion, don’t ask me!

This ramble was inspired by the Daily Post’s: Handle With Care post.


Working For A Small Business

My Current role is Media Sales Representative at a small publishing company that produces publications ranging for ‘primary school whats on guide’ to ‘high fashion and lifestyle glossy magazine’

Dependent upon who you talk to there are many positives and negatives of working for a small business. I have to say that in my first experience of office life I have been happy with all that I have learned in such a small period of time and I believe the benefits far out way the draw backs.

Having said that I am a recent graduate graduate out for a learning experience and can see why people at a different stage in their life wanting a stable career with clear progression would not consider my position suitable.

Being apart of a small team that is trying to achieve a lot means that your job role is incredibly varied. In a small team there are no extra staff for general duties such as aHands for Styledmin or proof reading. In one day I have gone from receptionist, to sales rep, to social media assistant to hand model and back again!

Working in this fast paced environment gives the opportunity to learn the management and up keep of a company quickly. In a large company there is usually specific people for each task, this means your opportunity of gaining experience in some different is slim, where as in a smaller company where roles are not so defined you find yourself as a bit of a jack of all trades with your fingers in a lot of pies.

Something that may seem frustrating at first when working for a small business is the fact that you can go from being completely rushed of your feet with a million and one things to get completed for a looming deadline to having all the time in the word sitting at your desk twiddling your thumbs. During this down time I like to take advantage of these moments and look for other things that can productively occupy my time. For example one of the publications we produce is a fashion and lifestyle magazine so i can use this time to spy on the competition. what doe their website look like? who has advertised in their previous issue? Or maybe i’ll make a plan for the following couple of weeks. Taking an hour or so to sit down and look at how I can manage my time and upcoming tasks.

Working for a small business is a lot of fun and although it can be tiring at times it is very rewarding. I think it is easier and quicker to gain a wide range of skills and experiences in a small business.

Birmingham Girl

Although Birmingham is the second city the difference between London and Birmingham is huge!bham skyline

Only when seriously seeking out opportunities to begin your career in a creative discipline do you really see the lack of opportunities for an inexperienced graduate. Birmingham was famous for its industry something that still takes main focus in the job market. Birmingham has been described as a major contributor to the industrial revolution, a fast growing city that became the hub of the U.K’s manufacturing and automotive industry. In the modern day Birmingham is well known for its Manufacturing, Europe’s largest public library and Curry. Fashion? not so much, there are very little opportunities in the fashion sector unless you want a career in retail…..

Claire’s Accessories is the only fashion based head office we have in the city and as you can imagine competition is tough and experience is a must.

ASOS have recently moved in at Birmingham’s creative hub the Custard Factory but as you can guess this is not a fashion related office. The Custard Factory is a hot spot for the creative and digital industry in this area. Set in a beautifully restored building that is not only home to creative offices but also a few bars, places to eat and some independent shops. I think this location has a lot of potential.

I do love my city and see great potential in the future, with the build of the new high speed railway, new tram line, John Lewis together with Grand Central station and the multi-million pound Mailbox re-vamp I think Birmingham is going through an interesting period of change and it would be great to see the effects on the city.

The changes and quick links to London may entice more companies to set up offices in the city and thus creating a more diverse job offering.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Birmingham but right now i don’t have the time or the money to be patient so London is the short term goal!