Despite what my tittle might suggest I am not yet a PR Professional, I do however believe in the power of positive thinking. I want to use this blog to not only document my own personal journey but also help others on a similar path. I have recently graduated in Fashion Marketing and I’m determined to be successful in the PR and Marketing industry.

Although this is my long term goal I am open to new challenges and different experiences along the way. Whenever I meet people I professionally admire I always ask how they found themselves in their current position and there is a common theme I have noted. The very weird and wonderful journey they have taken never goes exactly to plan. For example they may have believed that in the beginning of their career they wanted to work in High Street Retail Marketing but have instead ended up working as a Freelance Fashion Events Manager.

I have been sure I want to work in fashion PR since the age if 16 and one thing that I am learning to do is accept that my path my take me on a completely different route to what I had imagined.

The only thing I can do is get out into the industry see which parts I like/ dislike, learn from my mistakes and share my experience.


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